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Web Stuff

I mean look. This place has everything! Sparkles, weird vector illustrations of a nesoberi nuigurumi, random floating glasses, and… more sparkles. It has flexbox, it has grid, it even has clip-path! It doesn't get much better than clip-path, trust me.

Next you'll say: But it doesn't work in me IE version six or something like that. And you're right. But I don't do fun web stuff to restrict myself to aye ee version six, okay? The fun happens on the bleeding edge of web standards!

So, did you try to resize the page yet? There are no media queries, it's just grid magic. You don't get that with table hacks. It's the future, zura!


Uh, right, about that. Remember the part where I said I also have no idea of what I want to put here?

Table abuse

It's not that I don't have anything to show, I just can't bring myself to pick and describe the stuff. Want something anyway? Okay, let's see.

Here's a progressive web app for a fansubbing group and a crazy podcast, that for some reason works offline and more. It's the service workers future! And this is a distributed password cracking solution that I make the control panel for.